Surah Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)

25 Apr

copyright (c) Etha Ngabito

104. Surah Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)

Bismi Al-lahi al-r-Rahmani-al-r- Rahimi

1. Waylunl likulli humazatinl lumazatinh

2. Alladhi jama’a malanw wa-’addadahu

3. Yahsabu ”anna malahu akhladahu

4. Kalla layunbadhanna fi alhutamatih

5. Wa-ma ”adraka ma al-hutamatuh

6. Naru Allahi al-muqadatuh

7. Allati tattali’u ‘ala al-”af-“idatih

8. ”lnnaha ‘alayhim mu”sadatunh

9. Fi ‘amadinm mumaddadatinh

In the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful

1. Woe to every slanderer and backbiter.

2. Who has gathered wealth and counted it,

3. He thinks that his wealth will make him last forever!

4. Nay! Verily, he will be thrown into the crushing Fire.

5. And what will make you know what the crushing Fire is?

6. The fire of Allah, kindled,

7. Which leaps up over the hearts,

8. Verily, it shall be closed in on them,

9. In pillars stretched forth (i.e. they will be punished in the Fire with pillars, etc.).

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